Bob The Web Page Builder

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About Bob The Web Page Builder

I enjoy being behind my computer turning complex problems into beautiful interface designs for clients. The more challenging, the better because it's what I love doing.

Combining your ideas and a passion of mine, we will put together an outstanding website.

When I'm not behind the computer, you can see me playing with my two beautiful twin girls or just out enjoying the outdoors with the family.

Bob The Web Page Builder's Goal

I became a web designer to create my own career. The dream that I would like to create is to work from home and in addition to be around the family more. Having my own business enables me to perform just that and also helping small companies grow to be more exposed online.

Helping clients with their websites is a passion of mine, and this is an absolutely effective way to get to identify my customers. I also learn and give attention to small establishments that are out there hidden away, and I support them to gain more exposure to customers.

Bob The Web Page Builder's Story

I was born in Calgary Alberta, on May 13, 1979. We lived there for two years and then moved to Victoria British Columbia. I grew up my parents who owned restaurants. They worked pretty hard to support my brother and myself so that we could have the best.

The downfall they couldn't spend that much time with us growing up. To this day, I understand my parents had to work hard to support us.

As the years went by, there were many rocky days with the economy and interest rates. During the struggles to make it, they lost a restaurant due to not being busy enough to stay afloat. But with my parents' knowledge, opening up a pizza restaurant was the best choice for steady Income again with lots of work and many hours. On the plus side, it opened at four PM, so there was more family time in the mornings.

The ups and downs continue until I was a teenager and by this time moving to Calgary was the best choice. My family moved back because we had an uncle that was doing well with his restaurant in Drumheller so dad thought we should try the same thing. Unfortunately, the ups and downs continued.

Looking back, I understand it was difficult for businesses to succeed, without much advertising. The type of advertising was with flyers being mailed out with the daily paper or the yellow pages. You could only place your ad in once per year and of course word of mouth.

I believe that if my parents had the opportunity to show their business on the internet with a website, they would have had more customers due to exposure. They could have hired employees, and in the end, had a good time with us at home - this is my belief.

Bob The Web Page Builder's End Goal

With passionate beliefs, I can work with others to achieve this same goal by helping small businesses gain more exposure with a website online. That's why my focus is on creating custom websites that are affordable and profitable for businesses.

Taking my life experiences and shifting them around to constructing something amazing and successful, helping people and businesses succeed, these thrust me to an intenser level of achievement to establish what I love doing.

Thank you,
Bob Balafas

AKA Bob The Web Page Builder