Bob The Web Page Builder

Top Five Visual Items

Responsive Website Designs

Responsive web designs are built to work on any screen size. If you are using a desktop computer, your website would fit your monitor screen perfectly with all the links and fun items. When you use a mobile phone, for example, your site will fit perfectly as well, but now you have a drop-down menu for ease, so you don’t have to zoom in and out to be able to click on a link, this also works on tablets as well.

You can take my website, for example, if you are using a desktop to view this website, shrink the window and see what happens to the menu bar or even the images of my portfolio, it will always work to fit the screen. In other words, it's not shrinking the text and images. It's condensing, but with the ease of a simple, functional website that's responsive.

A quick note, creating a responsive website is where all the fun is in being a website builder. Creating a custom website that works for your needs. - Bob The Webpage Builder

Importance of Web Page Text

Your text is quite crucial for your websites SEO for search engines to be able to find your site. While your website builder is creating your webpage, invested time is needed to create dynamic text wright up for your website. Also, your viewers need to know where to find what they are looking for quickly. As viewers come to your site, it takes around five seconds for them to lose interest and go elsewhere.

Building websites that are responsive and very easy to use, keep your visitors focused on your content. Also having relevant information that gets to the point to what they have to do like, do I have to pick up the phone and call you? Do I need to fill out a form and if so where is it, and are the questions clear? Or is it more information about you? It's all about your text being effective to what you have to offer your visitors.

Simple Website Designs

A website needs to be as simple as possible. Your website has to be built in such a way that your users don't have to think to be able to get around. They need to keep their focus on your content that your webpage offers. Some visitors can get around with ease but others can't. So a simple built custom website is very crucial for all your visitors.

As an example of you decide to have every webpage different people get confused, and if they get confused, they go elsewhere being said you have the possibility of losing viewers.

A quick note, creating a custom affordable and profitable website you end up with a simple website design.

Good Content

Your ultimate focus is to have custom from the heart content that has to be highly interesting to keep your visitors interested in staying and having them coming back for more. Keeping people interested in what you have to offer and also make it of high value to them, in the end, you will have a profitable website by creating more interested customers to what you are offering them.

Also, a very high key point is that you don’t want to just cut and paste from someone else on the internet.

Professional Pictures

Your pictures need to be of professional quality. Even if you have an awesome web design with exciting content that keeps me wanting to read more, poor quality pictures will make or break your website from awesome and sexy site to an amateur site.

Top 5 Non Visual Items

SEO’s (Search Engine Optimization)

They are the most important details of a website. They allow your site to be found easily on all the popular search engines that are used today. I strongly focus on setting up your website to have the right layout to maximize people’s searches to find your site in the quickest possible way.

Meta Tags (Titles & Descriptions)

The Meta Tag description is a short but sweet 160 character sum up of your website and what you offer to the viewer. This description shows up on a search just under your title. The reason that you shouldn't go over 160 characters is that the search engine that you are using will cut it short and it doesn't look good to the viewer, and they might decide to go elsewhere.

Also, this text is included on your homepage somewhere. Also, your titles are important to a search; they have to be very descriptive to your content. The more detailed title you decide to use the better you come up in a search.

404 Error Page

The reasons to why you should have a 404 Error Page. The first sentence might sound a bit silly; I thought it was a bit silly myself when I first started out as a web designer.

I'm sure you might have seen a 404 error page before and it’s a bit frustrating at times, especially if you are in a hurry to find a website. When you are browsing a website, and you decide to change the URL at the top to go to a different page, or the owner of the website decides to change his pages a bit, you will get a 404 error come up on the screen if it’s not the right page.

You might think this person has closed his website down or has changed his information. "What should I do now," you might think. Well if you have a 404 error page setup, you will keep your visitors on your page. At the bottom of this read, there is a link to more info on 404 error page. The reason to create this is to keep your visitors on your website instead of a random page that has nothing to do with your site.

More information on 404 Error Page


What is XML Sitemap, and why is it very important for SEO’s? Think of your website as a house, there is your house (homepage), and when you go inside, there are rooms, kitchen, den, bedrooms, garage, etc.… now as you stand just inside the front door, you have no idea where all these rooms are.

Now with a sitemap.xml file, it is like a blueprint of your website, now when there is a search that brings up your website, they will look at the sitemap file and know that these number amount of pages are your website and it knows how to get around your site. If you don't have a sitemap with your website, the search won't know that all the pages that you have are connected in some way, so the sitemap file shows its path.

So going back to SEO’s, this is important because the search engine looks for website not web pages; and the sitemap shows the search, the website and all its links to all the web pages.


The robot.txt files is a text file places with your website files. This tells the web crawlers like googlebots what files it can access and what files it cannot access.

More information on robot.txt files