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Best Web Design and Development in Cochrane AB

Web Design and Development Services

We focus on creating amazing Custom Web Page Designs and Development that will keep your customers engaged, then tailored to create leads. We have over 8 years of experience of creating a stunning digital experience In and around Cochrane AB.

Best Web Design and Development in Cochrane AB

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Creating the right content and adding the latest keywords to get your Cochrane AB and area web site to populate in the top searches for Google, Yahoo and Bing organically. One of the best ways to give you the highest Return On Investment (ROI).

Best Web Design and Development in Cochrane AB

Social Media Marketing

Marketing on social media platforms can be successful if done correctly. We hone in to your business to gather the appropriate information and tie it to your Facebook, Instagram and your Google Business page in and around Cochrane AB.

The Right Online Solution For Your Business

If you are looking for a Cochrane AB and area Website Builders or a digital marketing strategy, we have the answers and the solutions to take your business to the next step. We have been helping small to medium sized businesses throughout Cochrane AB and area grow since 2015. In that time, we have designed multiple Cochrane AB and area web designs and helped businesses grow through social media marketing. Considering that we are a medium business ourselves and we understand the pain and frustration of building up your businesses sales. It’s highly in our job to see you succeed in your business, so we take the time to understand our clients and what’s truly best for their Cochrane AB and area business to succeed. Bob The Web Page Builder - Creative Web Development Agency has clients throughout Cochrane AB, Calgary AB, Banff AB, Canmore AB, and Airdrie AB. We focus on gathering your company’s digital footprint and creating a game plan together to drive more traffic to your new website.

"We don’t just put together awesome Web Designs in Cochrane AB and area, we are about crating a great functional Web Design to rank you higher and build a conversation."

Our Process

A smart strategy is essential in taking your business on the path of success.


Best Web Design and Development in Cochrane AB

Before we choose the best approach, Bob The Web Page Builder, will carefully take a deep look into your company, your competitors, and the set goals you are after to achieve. This is the most important process before we start moving forward with the Web Design and Development process. As a great Cochrane AB and area Website Builders Company, we are driven to get to know your business. Whether you are looking for an advanced Custom Web Design in Cochrane AB and area development or just a simple website, with proper analysis, we can achieve a beautiful Website Design.

Is it Important for a Small Local Business Website to Have Local SEO?

Best Web Design and Development in Cochrane AB

What is local SEO?

For businesses that rely on website traffic, Search Engine Optimization has become an essential part of marketing. Enhancing content from web search tools like Google assists your site with positioning high in list items, making it almost certain for shoppers to visit your website and cooperate with your image.

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Simply put, local SEO is a type of SEO that aims to improve search results in a particular area. If your business relies on both online and offline customers in a particular area, local SEO could mean the difference between survival and success.

The value of local SEO

More importantly, nearly half of all Google searches are conducted by individuals seeking local products and services, despite Google processing an impressive 8 billion searches per day. You will lose out on valuable online traffic if your business does not have a local SEO strategy. An opportunity of this magnitude simply cannot be overlooked by local business owners.

Local SEO is essential for businesses that operate online and those that want to increase foot traffic. Years and years prior, purchasers might have searched for neighborhood organizations in the business directory or on the guide. They now use search engines to find information about a company, such as its location, hours, and contact information.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, approximately one out of every two searches for "near me" businesses resulted in a store visit. The numbers were even more compelling if the search was performed on a mobile device. Within a day, a call or a visit were made in response to nearly 90% of those inquiries.

The opportunities that local SEO can provide cannot be afforded by any business that relies on local customers.

Make use of local SEO and collaborate with Google to boost rankings.

Local SEO offers a variety of options for business owners and marketers to boost their visibility. Do you want your company's rankings or sales and conversions to rise?

It is reasonable to argue that conversions are more important than rankings; however, conversions will naturally be low if the business is not listed on the first page of results. Rankings and conversions are closely linked for the majority of businesses.

Further developing nearby Website optimization results begins with enhancements in significance, distance and unmistakable quality. Google's algorithm uses these three factors to determine local search results. To get more local customers, you should also update your company's Google Business Profile.

1. Relevance

Pertinence is the proportion of precision in the match between your business and the web-based search question. The search engine is trying to figure out if your company provides the services the user is looking for. In order to meet these requirements and increase your relevance, it is essential to provide information on your website and business profile that is precise and comprehensive.

2. Proximity

Nearness is the way close your business is to the searcher's definite area. Google gives priority to nearby listings based on a user's IP address if they do not specify a specific location in their search. Similar outcomes can be obtained by including the search term "near me" in the query. Your company must optimize the location information on its website and Google listings in order to be featured in those listings.

3. Prominence

Unmistakable quality is Google's term to portray how notable a business is both on the web and disconnected. Your prominence is determined by the search engine using both offline information it has about a company and online information, such as reviews and website popularity. Ratings will rise if your company receives more high-quality reviews. Your prominence is also increased by interacting with and responding to online ratings.

The majority of algorithms change frequently and without warning. Successful local SEO, like all SEO activities, requires consistent effort. When it comes to managing their local SEO, many businesses benefit from expert assistance.

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Covid-19's impact on local SEO practices

The Covid-19 pandemic impacted consumers' lives in almost every way. As lockdowns and movement restrictions became the norm, it undoubtedly altered consumer behaviour when shopping. It is still too early to know if the pandemic had an effect on long-term consumer habits.

All through 2020 and 2021, online looks for items and administrations expanded, somewhat due to legitimate need. Online alternatives were required to satisfy customers' requirements. Both the growing demand for in-person shopping experiences and the enduring popularity of online shopping are supported by current evidence.

The immense difficulties that the pandemic posed too many small businesses cannot be disputed. Many had to close, lay off employees, and loose customers. A successful restart necessitates marketing that is carefully planned and executed. In this restart, proper local SEO may make all the difference.

One of the most cost-effective ways to quickly increase visibility among important customers is through local SEO. Although it may appear to be a minor component of SEO, considering the sheer volume of searches with a local focus, business owners and marketers must prioritize it.

Web search tools are the new business directory — with significantly more potential to change the fate of independent companies.

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Ten Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why is the design of a website important?

Answer: The layout is important because it impacts how your audience perceives your brand. The impression you make on them can either get them to remain on your page and learn about your business or leave your page and turn to a competitor. A good web design helps you keep your leads on your page.

Question: Is search engine optimization important for business?

Answer: Are search engine optimization SEO's important, SEO is crucial because it makes your website more visible, and that means more traffic and more opportunities to convert prospects into customers.

Question: Is social media marketing effective?

Answer: Why social media marketing is effective, one of the main reasons social media marketing is so effective is that brands can hyper-target ideal clients based on exact demographics. Showing ads to the right individuals is a critical part of the marketing process and must be taken seriously to avoid wasted ad spend.

What They Say

Best Web Design and Development in Cochrane AB
Best Web Design and Development in Cochrane AB Best Web Design and Development in Cochrane AB
Best Web Design and Development in Cochrane AB

"Bob The Web Page Builder was great to work with! Very prompt in always replying back to any questions or concerns. End product was exactly what we were looking for. It was a pleasure to work with Bob The Web Page Builder and would highly recommend his services."

Delinda Ulriksen - De’Mar Window Fashions, Cochrane AB

Best Web Design and Development in Cochrane AB

"Bob The Web Page Builder built us a great Website! He was very patient as we changed our minds and changed the wording (over and over). He found us images for backgrounds and gave us recommendations on layout. Fantastic experience! - Legendary Consulting Inc."

Amanda Lovenuik - Legendary Consulting, Cochrane AB

Best Web Design and Development in Cochrane AB

"Bob The Web Page Builder was very patient with me and my demands, he was friendly, professional and an excellent communicator. I am very happy with the work Bob The Web Page Builder provided and will be working with him again in the future."

Erika Courage - Your Office Solutions, Cochrane AB

Best Web Design and Development in Cochrane AB

"It was a great experience working with Bob The Web Page Builder as he patiently built our Website. He was happy to make any changes for us and there were quite a few of them as things progressed. I am super happy with the finished product and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone."

Mark Hindson - WestRim Lift Services, Calgary AB

Website Redesign

We have helped many companies in the Cochrane AB and area grow by giving their website and business a brand new look. If your website is out dated and requires a complete redesign, please give us a call. We will take your website and completely redesign it to a much more modern look and feel, as well as be easy to navigate. A professional web design will not only give your business an advantage in the competition, but your new website will also perform much better in search engines.

FAQ's About: Bob The Web Page Builder

What is Web Design?

The process of creating a visually appealing design for an online platform is known as web design. Commonly, the plan includes the format, stream and route way that the client will take to go through your site. The development of your website's back-end functions is not website design. Websites should be designed with simplicity in mind because too much information presented incorrectly will confuse and mislead your customers, resulting in their frustration and eventual exit.

What is Responsive Website Design?

Because the layout adjusts to the screen or device being used to view the website, responsive or adaptive website design is now commonly used. Google rewards mobile-friendly websites. A competing website that is mobile-friendly will outrank a website that was not designed with an adaptive or responsive design.

A responsive web composition is a site system that makes a site render well across a huge number of gadgets. A responsive website dynamically hides, shrinks, moves, and adjusts the colors, page widths, links, texts, graphics, and videos on the site to fit the screen size of your users' browsing devices. Consequently, a three-column grid on a desktop or laptop, a two-column grid on a tablet, and a one-column grid on a smartphone may all display the same content and features.

We at Bob The Web Page Builder can assist you in developing a beautiful, responsive, lead-focused website that provides a more uniform user experience (UX) regardless of the device your visitors are using—iPhones, Androids, iPads, Macs, or any other device. Our Winnipeg-based team of seasoned website designers will transform your static website into an efficient sales tool for your business by utilizing the most recent responsive web design strategies and programming environments and languages that are the most adaptable and refined.

How long will it take to make a website?

Websites that are between 1 to 3 pages typically take about a week or two to produce. It can take up to 2 months to build a website with more pages or detailed design or product criteria. E-Commerce websites can take up to 3 - 4 months to create from scratch.

Will you maintain my site for me?

Absolutely! We make websites that are easy to maintain, we offer free light maintenance for text and image changes.

Will my website design be search engine friendly?

Yes. We design using the best practices for Search Engine Optimization and mobile friendliness. We do advise maintaining your SEO on a monthly basis.

What are some of the newest features in Website Design?

Our design philosophy is to ensure that the information is presented effectively. We are happy to present content in a variety of trendy and new ways as long as they meet a modern design standard.

How much does it cost to design a website in Cochrane AB?

Websites that are created using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP can typically cost between $1,500 - $3,500. ECommerce websites built with a Square Store can typically cost between $2,000 - $4,500.

Are we the best Web Design Company in the Cochrane area?

We will always provide you with an excellent experience. We promise to provide you with the best service and attention to detail. We are always available for assistance and development in the future. In a nutshell, you can rely on Bob The Web Page Builder to fulfill your requirements, though we will always strive to go above and beyond!

Best Web Design and Development in Cochrane AB