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Web Design Cochrane, Canmore, Airdrie

We focus on creating amazing custom web page designs that will keep your customers engaged, then tailored to create leads. We have over 8 years of experience of creating a stunning digital experience.

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Search Engine Optimization

Creating the right content and adding the latest keywords to get your Calgary web site to populate in the top searches for Google, Yahoo and Bing organically. One of the best ways to give you the highest Return On Investment (ROI).

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Social Media Marketing

Marketing on social media platforms can be successful if done correctly. We hone in to your business to gather the appropriate information and tie it to your Facebook, Instagram and your Google Business page.

The Right Online Solution For Your Business

If you are looking for a Calgary Website Builders or a digital marketing strategy, we have the answers and the solutions to take your business to the next step. Bob The Web Page Builder - Creative Web Development Agency. We have been helping small to medium sized businesses throughout Calgary grow since 2015. In that time, we have designed multiple Calgary web designs and helped businesses grow through social media marketing. Considering that we are a medium business ourselves and we understand the pain and frustration of building up your businesses sales. It’s highly in our job to see you succeed in your business, so we take the time to understand our clients and what’s truly best for their Calgary business to succeed. Bob The Web Page Builder - Creative Web Development Agency has clients throughout the Cochrane, Canmore, Airdrie and Calgary area. We focus on gathering your company’s digital footprint and creating a game plan together to drive more traffic to your new website.

"We don’t just put together awesome Web Design Cochrane, Canmore, Airdrie, we are about crating a great functional design to rank you higher and build a conversation."

Our Process

A smart strategy is essential in taking your business on the path of success.


company or business analysis

Before we choose the best approach, Bob The Web Page Builder - A Creative Web Development Agency, will carefully take a deep look into your company, your competitors, and the set goals you are after to achieve. This is the most important process before we start moving forward with the Web Design in Cochrane, Canmore, Airdrie and development process before the analysis process is completed. As a great Calgary Website Builders company, we are driven to get to know your business. Whether you are looking for an advanced custom Web Design in Cochrane, Canmore, Airdrie development or just a simple website, with proper analysis, we can achieve a beautiful Cochrane website design.

The Importance of Building Mobile-Friendly Websites!

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Template Vs. Custom Web Design: What's The Difference?

Does your business require a New Calgary Website? If yes, then there are certainly a few factors to consider and many choices to be decided upon. One important question is whether to go for a Calgary Custom Web Design or a website template. This will leave us with a very important question to be asked…

“Why should my business pay a Calgary Web Developer to build a Calgary Custom Web Design for my business when I can just purchase a Website Template?”

Before this very critical question is answered, it is important for you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of both cotton Calgary Web Design and a Website Template.

This blog post will provide you with a detailed comparison which will make it much easier for you to choose what is best for your business.

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Custom Web Design

Advantages of Custom Web Design

The biggest bonus of getting a Calgary Custom Web Design is that it will make your Calgary Website stand out to your competitors and also be memorable to the crowd. This is highly important in today’s saturated web environment. Calgary Custom Websites are quite a bit more search engine friendly than Website Templates, so they tend to rank higher through a search engine.

Not only does a Calgary Custom Website adhere to your business needs in a better way but it also gives you the area to incorporate your company’s brand into it. There is a factor for growth with Calgary Custom Websites and they grow as your business grows. An additional benefit to a Calgary Custom Web Design is to be able to manage the content from anywhere. This makes it much easier for businesses to keep the website updated from anywhere.

Top Five Advantages to a Custom Web Design

1. Website Design Tailored to Your Branding

Like building a custom home, your Calgary Website provides businesses with an opportunity to showcase not only their unique products and services but also their personality. With Calgary Custom Web Design and Development, any business can partner with a Calgary Web Design Agency team to give their website a personalized overall look and a unique user experience that is not limited to what a drag-and-drop template offers.

2. Customer Experience-Optimized Design

Customization of your Calgary Website also enables any business to build a Calgary Website focused on delivering real business results, via an optimal Calgaary Web Design structure and user experience. Prior to developing and designing a Calgary Website, your Calgary Web Desvign Agency should be asking you about your future business goals. You will want to have an idea of the customer's journey with regards to your product of service. A good example, if you're running an electrical business, you’d likely want your homepage to have a “request service” from front and centre to drive leads to contact you.

The bottom-line: Design your Calgary Website to be customer-centric, which helps visitors to navigate the sight early and take action that produce your design results.

3. Increased Search Engine Optimization

Another benefit of a Calgary Custom Website Design is that it will enable better Search Engine Optimization. From having a Calgary Custom Web Design Package, you’ll get help from not only Calgary Web Developers but also Search Engine Optimization Specialists. With a Calgary Custom Web Design project, you’ll get help from the Calgary Web Developer and also the Search Engine Optimization Specialist. This implements a good practice that’ll help your Calgary Website rank better in a search. Some ways in which they give a Calgary Custom Websites a boost over time include:

  • Crating your metadata, page URLs, alt tags for images, and site content that incorporates relevant keywords, keywords imbedded in your images
  • Working with a web development team to incorporate a websites architecture that is mobile-friendly and user-friendly
  • Identify what pages should be “crawled” by search engine bots or not
  • Inserting internal links that enhance the user experience across the board
4. Ability to Evolve in Response to Business Changes

Having a Calgary Custom Website Design will give businesses the freedom to enlarge the development process. Your developer will initially set up a proper setup while creating the roadmap of the Calgary Website. You may also require additional functionality or content in response to your business changes. Thankfully, through your relationship with the Calgary Web Design Agency, you’ll be spared the headache of trying to do this on your own and potentially making errors that will foul up your Calgary Website. That being said, it’ll likely create additional costs, so be prepared for that. Template websites are developed to remain static or of even worse, aren’t updated properly or maintained to meet the changing needs of the web.

5. Flexibility with Hosting

If you decide to go with a Calgary Customized Website Design, this offers you greater control over your Calgary Website’s hosting provider, especially if you would like to change from your current provider or have business-specific requirements. The drag-and-drop styles of Calgary Website Builders, unfortunately, do not offer any hosting flexibility. Benefits that come with the freedom to choose a respectable hosting company might include:

  • Ability to advance beyond a “shared” hosting setup
  • Automatic file and data backups and customized backup storage locations
  • Server performance and uptime monitoring
  • Integration with other tools and technologies that might have been restricted from a drag-and-drop setup

Website Templates

Disadvantages of Website Templates

The best way to explain a website that is template-based design offers you a pre-defined boxes to place your content into. You basically find a template that will closely match your criteria and make small customizations with colour and images. A good example is WordPress. They offer a variety of templates to choose from, some are more expensive than others.

With any website template being easily available online, there are high chances that your competitors and other businesses are also using the same website template that you are using. Because of this, your website will be lost on the internet and it will look like a rip-off.

Website templates are not designed with any Search Engine in mind, so they linger at the bottom of the search rankings. The poor support and browser compatibility is also a great issue that is associated with website templates.

When you purchase a website template, you can not customize it according to your requirements. Fitting web elements such as images, video and text is a great challenge with website templates.

Top Three Disadvantages of a Website Template

1. Web Design Limitations

There are many frustrating technical limitations to how far you can really customize a website template, even with really good services and some basic coding knowledge. Sooner or later, you will reach a point that prevents you from being able to implement a function that you require. So you either try to work around it or make do without it, or try to fit your requirements to the limit of the website and this is an upside-down approach to web design.

2. You Have to Writer Your Own Content

Your new website template will most likely come with text boxes filed with generic filler text that you will have to create your content yourself. If you are a writer you may wish to do this, but many business owners simply don’t have the time to do this. Furthermore, your content should be optimized correctly in order to boost conversations and search engine visibility. While it might take you days to come up with the appropriate text to fill each box correctly without guaranteeing it will be correct for web use. Poorly written copy leaves a bad impression on your visitors and can affect your rankings on Google.

3. No Search Engine Optimization

Having a template website comes with very little or no on-page Search Engine Optimization options. This factor will highly negatively affect your Google rankings, as an important part of Search Engine Optimization is to be able to adjust your Meta Tags, Page URL’s CSS images and any other technical details. With this disadvantage, your website rankings will drop and keep you at the bottom of your competitors with a custom website.

Who Should Get a Custom Web Design?

Every business has many different needs. If you require a website that is scalable, search engine friendly and highly unique, then a Calgary Custom Web Design is an ideal choice. The added benefit of a CMS is that it will save you some money by keeping your Calgary Website updated and well maintained. Although it might take longer and cost you a bit more, you will get a website that is catered according to your business needs and will deliver an exceptional user experience to your Calgary Website visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why is the design of a website important?

Answer: Why is Calgary Website Builders layout important because it impacts how your audience perceives your brand. The impression you make on them can either get them to remain on your page and learn about your business or leave your page and turn to a competitor. A good web design helps you keep your leads on your page.

Question: Is search engine optimization important for business?

Answer: Are search engine optimization SEO's important, SEO is crucial because it makes your website more visible, and that means more traffic and more opportunities to convert prospects into customers.

Question: Is social media marketing effective?

Answer: Why social media marketing is effective, one of the main reasons social media marketing is so effective is that brands can hyper-target ideal clients based on exact demographics. Showing ads to the right individuals is a critical part of the marketing process and must be taken seriously to avoid wasted ad spend.

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"Bob The Web Page Builder was great to work with! Very prompt in always replying back to any questions or concerns. End product was exactly what we were looking for. It was a pleasure to work with Bob The Web Page Builder and would highly recommend his services."

Delinda Ulriksen - De’Mar Window Fashions

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"Bob The Web Page Builder built us a great Website! He was very patient as we changed our minds and changed the wording (over and over). He found us images for backgrounds and gave us recommendations on layout. Fantastic experience! - Legendary Consulting Inc."

Amanda Lovenuik - Legendary Consulting

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"Bob The Web Page Builder was very patient with me and my demands, he was friendly, professional and an excellent communicator. I am very happy with the work Bob The Web Page Builder provided and will be working with him again in the future."

Erika Courage - Your Office Solutions

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"It was a great experience working with Bob The Web Page Builder as he patiently built our Website. He was happy to make any changes for us and there were quite a few of them as things progressed. I am super happy with the finished product and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone."

Mark Hindson - WestRim Lift Services

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