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Welcome to Bob The Web Page Builder! You have found the perfect place to create an elite website catered for you and your business. All websites are hand crafted and uniquely designed using programs like: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Websites created this way have full control of clean code that search engines are compatible with and could even draw your website ranking to the top, ahead of the competition. We will begin the process by working one on one to create the layout envisioned by you. All layouts are created in Photoshop and you will be provided with a JPG sample that will fit a desktop, tablet, and cell phone. Also included, is a JPG layout of your dropdown menu for mobile devices. These will ensure you that you are getting what suits your specific needs and not something that is picked from a layout database.

Using the “drag and drop” method for coding is very messy and should be avoided because it reduces your site’s visibility ranking dramatically in any search engine pulling it to the bottom. Also, “drag and drop” methods only allow minimal areas to be added for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which will also reduce a webpage’s visibility. Once your website is completed you will be provided with a HTML and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) report. I highly recommend that customers regularly monitor their SEO’s. Being actively aware of an SEO will ensure that your website will rank higher than your competitors.

Website content that we create together will be proofread and checked with professional services for spelling and grammar. I highly recommend using stock photos for images on your website’s home page, any other images should be taken by a professional to ensure potential customers can view quality images. Your website should provide a lasting first impression about your business, and your products or services. Together we can ensure that it is a strong, positive one that will grow your business.

I enjoy being behind my computer turning complex problems into beautiful interface designs for clients, or boosting SEO's (Search Engine Optimization) to hosting services. The more challenging, the better! I love combining your ideas with my technical expertise and passion. Together, we will put together an outstanding website.

My niche is being a Small to Medium Business Web Page Builder to help these businesses gain more exposure on the internet. When I'm not behind the computer, you can find me playing with my two beautiful twin girls Lily and Sophie and our little guy Maksimos or just out enjoying the outdoors with my family. Focused on Cochrane Web Design, Web Development Company Calgary, Web Design Company in Calgary.

"Pushing Your Business to the Top."

Cochrane Web Design, Web Development Company Calgary, Web Design Company in Calgary

Bob The Web Page Builder

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Cochrane Web Design, Web Development Company Calgary, Web Design Company in Calgary