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There are many different tools and pieces of software that may be used in the intricate process of web design. To attain certain goals, some specialists, such as qualified Web designers, may employ various tools and applications.

For some experts, Wix could be a viable alternative when selecting a platform for site creation. Wix is an easy-to-use platform that enables users to build and maintain their own websites without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

This makes it a suitable choice for experts who want to concentrate on design rather than coding.

Additionally, Wix has a variety of capabilities that might aid experts in achieving particular goals. For instance, Wix enables drag-and-drop website development, which can make the process more user-friendly.

Wix also provides a huge selection of templates, which may assist experts in rapidly and simply building websites with a professional appearance.

In general, Wix could be a decent choice for experienced Web designers. It is user-friendly and has a variety of tools that might assist experts in achieving certain objectives.

People who wish to design their own websites can use Wix and Squarespace. They are fantastic tools for launching rapid projects (I assist my wife in building a Squarespace site for our wedding), and it's really simple to get started on your own right away.

WordPress is more labor-intensive; you must download it from, connect it to a database, and sift through tens of thousands of themes, some of which are revolting and others of which are magnificent. You actually have to dive into the code at some point to get the finished project with WordPress if you don't understand web programming.

If you are familiar with site programming, Squarespace and Wix might significantly bog you down because both platforms are a "black box." For those who don't know, custom CSS (the code that modifies style attributes) has its own spaces, but anything that modifies the site's structure is roped off, and access is typically not advised.

Squarespace and Wix are both beautiful black box solutions for non professionals that have matured.

But if you are a professional or are considering a career in web design, you probably won't find the platform's restrictions to be very clear all the time.

Whereas WordPress is designed for customization, has thousands of plugins and themes, and is built for custom-coded themes and development modifications.

WordPress, in my opinion, wins the prize whether you're interested in web design as a career or simply as a serious pastime.

Particularly if you want to build 5 sites only for pleasure, you don't want to be obligated to spend $15 every site you make. My belief is that if you're building websites for company owners, you should transition them from paying monthly fees to "I own my website" and only charging hosting. Yes, hosting on Godaddy might cost $4, $5, or $8 per month with an annual commitment, but the higher-end options allow you to host up to 20 sites, making this much more affordable.

Finally, distinguishing yourself from non-professionals

You don't want people to question, "Why didn't I just do that myself?" if you're a professional web designer.

It seems completely different to me to use an entirely unique visual design made in Illustrator and dedicated to a company's business objectives than to alter an existing template. Professional web designers stand out by adopting a business-oriented mindset, which makes them a clear value addition to customers.

It is not what Wix or Squarespace were made for to take a fully unique visual design and turn it into a website; instead, they want you to change one of their around 40 pre-made templates and then THEY will be the experts, not you as a web designer. And that's a risky position to be in if you're merely the technician putting what another expert came up with (for a hypothetical company that's not the one you're working with) into practice.

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