How to Rank High in a Google Local Search


These simple solutions will help you rank better for searches close to home.

The internet is used by more than 90% of people for making buying decisions. It is highly important to rank as high as possible when potential clients or customers are searching for a product or services you offer.

If your business is highly reliant on customers near your business, then ranking high in local search results for the ones that appear specifically for users in your area is very important.

Here are four simple steps that you can follow to boost your local search ranking and drive more business your way.

1. Localize Your Website

Your website requires you to be loud and clear that you’re a local business.

Place your address, province, city, neighbourhood, opening hours and local phone number right on your homepage. If you have more than one location, give each its own page to catch local traffic.

Localizing your website can be an excellent way to give local businesses the edge they need when competing online. By optimizing website content for search terms relevant to users in the local region and keeping website design focused on the target marketplace, businesses have a much better chance of ranking higher in the top search results. Ensure that website information is regularly updated with localized content and features so that visitors know what services are available and how they can best benefit from them. That way, customers will see your website at the top of their searches and your business can profit from being seen as a local authority.

2. Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Maintaining an up-to-date Google My Business listing is essential for businesses who want to stay connected with their customers and make sure they are reaching the right people. By taking advantage of the features offered by Google My Business, businesses can accurately post their business locations and contact information, as well as showcase their products, services, and offers. Businesses can also optimize their listing by adding content such as descriptions, photos, and videos in order to provide potential customers with more detailed insights into what they offer. Taking the time to create a complete profile on Google My Business is an effective way to reach potential customers in search results and on google maps.

3. Take Advantage of Local Ratings Sites

Taking advantage of local ratings sites is a great way for local businesses to promote their services. By finding out which local business locations are rated most highly in your area, by both customers and local experts, you will get an idea of where you would most likely find the best quality for whatever you're looking for. Whether it's a local cafe you've been meaning to try out or a local store that has the specific item you need, local ratings sites can help guide you towards making the right decision. Allocating your time and resources wisely is important when choosing local businesses, and local ratings can be an invaluable tool in your search.

4. Be Consistent

Being consistent with all of your business’ listings is essential to the success of an enterprise. Keeping consistent practices and platforms helps to create a consistent brand image and build trust with potential customers. And staying consistent will make it easier for customers to recognize your brand quickly and thus make customers or clients more likely to keep returning. Additionally, being consistent makes it much simpler to track metrics as well as any market changes, as you can easily compare various platforms against one another and identify sales trends in real-time. Overall, by taking the time to be consistent across all of your business’s listings, you can increase customer loyalty and streamline operations accordingly.

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