HTML or WordPress Which is Better



1. HTML is Catered to the Majority of Needs

From a business website with functional e-commerce to a general Calgary website with proper marketing and company information, an HTML website is the way to go to cover all the bases. Although a very high-end website is what most companies look for nowadays, it is more expensive in comparison to an HTML-based website.

Also, a high-end website can also be created with HTML and with the support of CSS and Javascript. And in the end, it will cost you way less than going with a WordPress website. Your end results with an HTML website will give you the look and feel of a custom-built site with no plugins required. The best part about getting a Calgary website built with HTML is that it will look appealing at a much lower cost.

Therefore, if your business is a start-up, it would be very wise to go for a well-built HTML website rather than tying out the other options. Apart from saving time and money, it would also ease the workload of keeping your Calgary website up and running.

2. HTML is Very Friendly With Search Engines

HTML is one of the most friendly to all search engines in comparison to all the programming languages that are usable in the IT market. It is relatively that is developing SEO-compliant websites utilizing HTML websites are way simpler to browsers and are very easy accessed by web crawlers and therefore reduce parsing time and the load time of the Calgary website, hence enhancing its operations.

If the HTML code is very clean and validated, an HTML website is by far the easiest to access for the crawlers on search engines. Flexibility aside, it provides the best SEO results with the least complications. Also, there are way more options to incorporate keywords in the back end code to give you a much greater advantage to your competitors than using WordPress with limited options to incorporate keywords into the back end.

3. HTML is Compatible With All Browsers

Approximately all browsers around the world are underwritten by HTML. So there are no issues or concerns about a Calgary website being written in HTML for the browser support, as the Calgary website would effortlessly appear in all browsers as long as the programmer keeps in mind that the Calgary website will have to be optimized for the various browsers.

HTML gives a highly manageable way to optimize the Calgary website in HTML according to browsers and web developers. What it means is that your visitors to your Calgary website would be able to view it on their preferred browsers without any problems. This enhances the user experience.

4. HTML Can Incorporate Effortlessly With Different Languages

HTML can be easily combined with numerous languages and does not create any problems with it. Languages that work side by side with HTML are Javascript, PHP, CSS, and many more. We write the code of these languages with HTML and it all blends very well together. tools like FrontPage or DreamWeaver or any other development tool, HTML is compatible with almost all of them.

5. HTML is Lightweight

HTML is a very lightweight language. This is the main reason Google search prefers HTML versus a WordPress website. HTML is way faster to download code, which means it is highly compressive also. HTML is very lightweight and loads very fast on most browsers. This allows you to make sure even the most impatient of people will get to see your Calgary website.


1. You Need Quite a few Plugins to add Additional Features

When a design template is purchased, it is usually a fully designed website page that requires updating with your brand and style (images and text). When you buy a template for your design, they will typically purchase a template that just requires your brand, images, and text. When you want to add features to the website template, you will have to search for additional plugins specifically on WordPress.

When you purchase a design template, they typically get fully designed website pages that have to be updated with your brand (images and text). However, if you want to add features to your Calgary website, you will have to search for plugins on WordPress. Some are free and others have a fee. Some plugins can be outdated and are no longer available.

A good example is if you would like to add your instagram feed to your website layout, you need to download additional plugins for it to work. Installation, managing, and updating these plugins are required. The downfall is that you will have to install, manage, and update the plugins on your own. This can be a pain to manage.

2. Frequent Theme and Plugin Updates

In the digital age, you have to take note, items are constantly changing for the benefit and improvement for the users’ experience. Continually logging into your Calgary website dashboard to see if you require an update for your theme or plugin. You must take note that in this digital age, items are constantly changing to have a benefit and improvement for the users experience.

You will have to constantly log into your Calgary website to review your dashboard to see if your theme requires any updates to the plugins. You may miss this when you’re busy with your business because they constantly need to be checked and updated. With technological advancement, don’t forget that errors and glitches do happen. You may experience broken links, or your site may crash.

3. Slow Page Speed

WordPress can be a very slow platform due to all the added plugins, enormous database, and codebases. These are one of many items that can slow down your WordPress website. Themes create quite a bit of code that can slow your Calgary website down, very large images, and unreliable hosting can impact your Calgary websites’ speed as well.

Page speed is very crucial to your Calgary website, especially if you are trying to rank high in a search. It is very crucial to have a fast-loading Calgary website for Google to rank you higher. A fast-loading website is a must for your audience, clients get impatient and will decide to go elsewhere. In this instance, you may lose potential clients due to your page not loading at a fast speed.

4. Poor SEO Ranking

WordPress offers very limited Search Engine Optimization in any of their packages. This downfall will not help you in Amy to have a good rating with Google. To fully maximize your SEO efforts, you require a stronger software and technology to highly outrank your competitors in this market.

To add, you will require an agency to get their sights on thousands of relevant keywords versus only a handful of keywords. Many agencies only use a handful of keywords and by doing so it will not make much of an impact on your search engine optimization rankings. Having more relevant keywords will help your business be found in the search engines and from your potential and current clients.

5. Website Vulnerability

Like all things on the internet, all websites are prone to getting hacked and spammed. Due to the high popularity of WordPress, it is the main target for hackers and spammers. Even if you download all the plugins for security that WordPress offers, it is definitely not enough to keep your Calgary website safe.

Your Calgary website will likely get spammed if you have a blog area on your Calgary website that allows comments or even a contact us form. It can be very time-consuming to go through the comments and emails. Any website vulnerability can highly hurt your creditability and potentially spread viruses to any of your users.

6. Website Can Go Down Without Notice

Websites can go down for quite a few reasons without your notice. If you aren’t paying attention to your site, you do not have a clue that it has gone down. It could have been down for a couple of hours or even days. This will highly negatively impact your business. You will have to hire a company to help you get it back up and running. This is another expense that you don’t want to have.

In Conclusion to HTML Verse WordPress

If you are looking for a Calgary website that is durable, low maintenance, no plugins required, customizable to your look and style, I highly recommend going the route of a well built HTML website versus WordPress website. HTML is very user-friendly to all browsers, a fast load time and no worrying about any plugins going obsolete and your Calgary website going down.

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