Web Designer vs Front End Developer


What exactly is a Front End Developer, and how is it different from a Web Designer? The most important item is how do you know if you need a Front End Developer Expert for your business’s website?

You may have heard the term front end developer - but do you actually know what makes them different from other web and app developers out there, and what would be the distinction that matters to your business?

Quite a few people use the term designer and developer interchangeably - but they are actually two very different positions. As a business owner, you require to know about both to stay highly competitive online.

Let’s take a look at the distinction. You will hire a Web Designer when you require assistance with graphics and graphic design software (Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are a couple of good examples) used to complete their work, which is very essentially creating the “look and feel” of a product, whether it’s a website or application. The design is combined with code to bring the site to life for all your customers.

You must know that the person that is designing your website definitely could be, but may not always be, the same person that is in charge of the front end of your website. Much of a Web Designer’s work is very highly creative in nature, and quite often characteristic of the right side of the brain. Looking at the aspects of the web developer’s job may resemble a designer’s. It is quite a different approach.

A web developer builds the backbone to a website, typically from start to finish, and also knows the prime languages of the web, which include HTML, CSS, JQuery, and Javascript. Web developers are often known as left-brained workers, and their technical ability and very strong logic skills are essential. Lots of experts are often versed in computer science and programming, very detailed, and strict to specifics.

Front end development, as well known as client side development, is the skill of using HTML, CSS, JQuery, and JavaScript for a website, or can be a web application, so the user can interact with them directly. One of the challenges with a front end development, especially for any business and brand, is the tools and techniques that are used to put together the front end constantly change, so having a good developer is needed, so you’re constantly learning about how the field is developing. And what this means for you, the customer requires you to reach you, you're Search Engine Optimization, and overtake your competitors.

The Main Reason You Must Hire a Highly Skilled Front End Developer

You require a front end developer for your business if you require help to ensure that the content that you’re providing to your target audience is presented in a format that is very easy to read, highly pleasing and relevant. With the great variety of screen sizes that are available to consumers today, it has to be highly considered to create, update or even refresh a website for your business. A really good front end developer will also ensure that your website comes up correctly in any given browser; Firefox, Chrome, Safari, different operating systems, and all different devices, like laptops, smartphones, and tablets. They require knowledge and careful planning by the web developer.

You're in business because you’re very good at what you do. It could be selling a signature product, providing outstanding customer service, or even doing something no one else can do. It is totally OK that you know nothing about front end development! That’s where you should look at where a professional, customer-oriented, highly reliable front end developer comes in. When you browse your favourite website, and think about how delightful it is, that’s a front end developer’s work at its finest.

In addition to developing, your "front-ender" can chat with you and your team on what’s best to do, and how to do it best. This will include guidance on developing certain pages for websites, like a career page, or project page, concerns about a users user's experience, and also what is expected from the new, finished product moving forward.

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