The Importance of Small Businesses with Web Design and Development!

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Small businesses are my thing… Web Design Cochrane, Canmore Web Design, and Airdrie web design. Looking to help the “little guys” get the exposure on the internet that they deserve. I can relate how much work has to be put into a small business. We are not talking about your average forty-hour work week. We have to go beyond to succeed. You may be asking the question as to how is the web guy Bob The Web Page Builder going to help these small town businesses with their Web Design Cochrane, Canmore Web Design and Airdrie web design.

First thing we focus on is your online presence in association with your website. This is the most important item that we have now for how to show our businesses. Back in the 90’s, I remember how much my father struggled with his business and not having the proper tools to be able to advertise on the internet. This was due to there being no such thing as the internet in the 90’s. He would spend hours printing his own menus and pay expensive prices to be able to get them delivered with the flyers every weekend. Now we don’t have to do that any more if you create an outstanding website for your small businesses, for Web Design Cochrane, Canmore Web Design, and Airdrie web design. The next step is to start getting you noticed through social media. This is our flyer replacement and this can be free advertising on its own.

The next step is Search Engine Optimization for your small business Web Design Cochrane, Canmore Web Design, and Airdrie web design. This is the key to getting you noticed on the internet. This will get you on Google Maps, by implementing the top hot keywords into your website. You may have noticed that this blog posting has the latest keywords for small business Web Design Cochrane, Canmore Web Design, and Airdrie web design added in. Search Engine Optimization is very crucial to your website. It's the most important part of what gets you noticed online.

Now, the next step is blog postings for your small business Web Design Cochrane, Canmore Web Design, and Airdrie web design. This will keep your content fresh on your website. When the Googlebots come around to check out your website and see that nothing has changed, they will start dropping your search rankings because there is nothing that is new and interesting to share. If you keep up with a weekly blog post, this will consistently change your content because this will keep the bots happy and start pushing your rankings high and higher.

Let’s take this even a step further; domain authority is very important for your domain. See every domain has a ranking. Every domain purchased starts off with a 1. We want to get this as high as possible for your small business Web Design Cochrane, Canmore Web Design, and Airdrie web design. The higher the domain authority, the easier you will come up in a search.

Low domain authority DA 0 to 20. Most websites that score in this region are either new sites or older sites that have not accumulated very many backlinks. Smaller local businesses that have domain authority in this range can rank well for very specific local keyword searches that have to do with their business or niche, but websites in this range are going to have a difficult time ranking for anything but the most specific local keywords.

Now having an average authority DA of 20 to 40 is very typical domain authority for a website that has existed for several years and acquired some backlinks. Usually, at this stage, you will start to see that by adding relevant content to your website, your traffic and rankings will increase.

Also, if you target specific keywords and utilize content areas to maximize your website’s backlink power, you can even rank for some more difficult terms. Above average authority DA 40 to 60 at this stage, you usually either have a website that is a few years old that you have actively been doing SEO on or a much older website that is relatively well known and has naturally become an authoritative website. You will have a very high search rate because of having a much higher domain authority than your competitors. After 40, you are looking at being international to come up in a search.

Citations are another very important factor to help your domain authority. We create links on websites that link back to your website. A simple area to start off is online directories. They are an easy way to advertise your business and also have a link directly back to your website. You just have to remember that their domain authority must be higher than yours to get the best results. When Google notices that you have a link coming from a higher authority website, Google says that you are trusted, so we will rank you higher.

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