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web design cochrane, canmore web design, airdrie web design, calgary website builders web design cochrane, canmore web design, airdrie web design, calgary website builders

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Web Design

Web design is focused on appearances and what you would like to see on the internet for your business. Page quantity is quite crucial to having more opportunities to have more keywords, because each page has its unique keywords added. My recommendation is to have a 3-5 page website and subpages that link internally for Google to really notice you on the internet.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO’s are very critical to your business because it is the key element to getting noticed in a search. There are a lot of key factors that take place in your Search Engine Optimization. First things first, we have to find what keywords are trending for your business. Keywords are then incorporated into your website from images to content and even your links.

We are looking at optimizing your existing text to accommodate your new keywords. We create a site map for Google to easily crawl your website and review the new keywords that have been implemented. This process is done with the Google search console. It gets the process started sooner than waiting for Google to re-crawl your website. Monitoring your crawl issues and fixing them quickly to keep your ranking up to where Google has placed you.

Back links are another key area to Search Engine Optimization because they create your backlinks. Backlinks are important for your digital footprint. Google has to trust that you are a respectable company and back links are a great way to show Google that you are a legit business and not spam. Adding your business to directories is a great and easy way to have a link back to your website.


Hosting, also known as web site hosting, is the business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for your websites. We have a secure company that we host our website (Web Hosting Canada) based in Canada. I have had the best experience with them with no issues whatsoever.

Domain Purchase

We can manage your domain purchase with Web Hosting Canada as well. This also keeps all your website files and domain secure in one place so there are no issues created by having your domain somewhere else. If that third part goes down for any reason, your website will stop working as well.

Domain E-mail Address

We can also manage your domain email address as well. So there will be no issues with any third party locations of your domain. Your domain is the key element for your domain email address. Where your domain is kept is also where your domain email address are there as well.

Social Media Postings

social media postings are created to showcase your business and your services. They are posted on Instagram, Facebook, and on your Google Business Page. This service will include the setup of your Instagram, Facebook Business Page, and your Google Business Page. There will be one post per week for a total of 16 postings. (recommended for client engagement). Instagram will get 10 new followers per week. You are also encouraged to post yourself and follow companies to expand your engagement. This also goes for Facebook Business Page as well. On Facebook, we post in your business account as well as 25 local groups in your business area.

Blog Postings

We will include a section for your blog postings on your home page as well as create an additions page to showcase your older blog postings. We recommend to post once a week for at least a month.

web design cochrane, canmore web design, airdrie web design, calgary website builders