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Social Media Marketing:
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Content Strategy, Creating An Audience

Social Media Marketing Info

Creating An Audience

Social media are one of the most popular and powerful tools in the market. You have the ability to reach out and connect directly with customers on a personal level, and at a way lower cost than most marketing platforms. Word of mouth has turned into Facebook shares, except they are quite quicker and more effective.

There is just no doubting it, social media marketing can work to your advantage for your business. It also doesn’t matter the size of the business either. Before you can start using this social media tool to reach and engage with potential clients, you require an audience. There are many ways to do so, and there are different approaches that work better for certain types of businesses than others.

Diversified Content

Now more than ever before, it’s important to diversify your social media content. Sharing a variety of types of content is one of the best ways to extend your reach with both the Instagram and Facebook algorithms. So, if you want to continually grow your business’ social media visibility, you should diversify the type of social media content to get in front of the most viewers and help build your followers.

Diversifying your content is especially relevant for Instagram and Facebook, because these types of platforms feature many potential formats for content. But this is also useful on other platforms. Varying your content can take a bit more time and effort, but it’s definitely worth it!


The question that has baffled marketers since the start of social media, and it is a very crucial one to ask. Having the most posts doesn’t mean you are the winner. Actually, posting frequency can mean the difference between annoying and inspiring your audience. My research shows that 75% of consumers think 1-2 posts a day is quite ideal for brands of you have the time and budget.

Figuring out the right number of postings to be able to publish each day is a key part of social media strategy, and the impact of your workload.

Targeted Audience

To develop a clear understanding of your social media targeted audience may be the most important thing you can do as a social media marketer. Your main targeted audience will inform you of all elements of your social media strategy.

Your targeted audience is not everyone. Your task in defining your social media audience is to understand and identify your niche so you have a clear picture on who you are going to target and dominate it!

Your audience research will help you understand what type of content you should put together. This can achieve a higher conversation rate and give you a better return on investment. These are the key areas for all social media marketers.

Content Strategy

Your content that is posted on social media has the power to turn your brands into a household name and in return turn your followers into fans. This kind of impact only comes from having a rock solid social media content strategy. It’s definitely not enough to just show up on each platform and update your audience when you have a moment. The main way to stand out on social media is to create goals, create valuable posts that align with your goals, and post on the right platforms. Then measure your results and fine tune your strategy over time.

  • 1. Plan your social media content
  • 2. Build a content calendar
  • 3. Promote and post your content
  • 4. Review your results
  • 5. Putting it all together
web design cochrane, canmore web design, airdrie web design, calgary website builders