The Basics

Razzledazzle Haircut
Little Rascals

Shaving and Grooming

Razzledazzle Hot Shave
Head Shave W/Straight Razor
Head Shave W/Clippers
Neck Shave W/Straight Razor
mustache Trim
Beard Shaping
$10 - $20
Back and Chest Grooming
$10 - $20

Indulgent Necessities

$10 - $20
Eyebrow & Ear Grooming
Scalp, Neck, Shoulder Massage
$1 / Min
Hand Care / Foot Care
$20 / $30
Shoe / Boot Shine
$5 - $10

Operating Hours

8:00am - 6:00pm
10:00am - 6:00pm
10:00am - 3:00pm


Original Barber Shop employs some of the best barbers in the area. Our barbers either come to Parker's with their barber certification and years of experience or go through our rigorous apprentice program where we teach them the art of the trade. Some of these guys are funny, some have folksy wisdom but rest assured all of them are excellent barbers and are focused on making you look your best.

Experience our famous Hot Shave with a Steam Towel for that close, precision shave that will leave you feeling refreshed and dapper. Come in for a father-son experience to create memories for him that will last a lifetime. Count on us for business cuts that look both debonair and professional. We‘ve carefully planned our interior to visually relax and welcome you. Enjoy our crystal-clear Wi-Fi zone at your leisure, and relax in a pleasurable atmosphere without any harsh chemical odors.